Goal 2: Increasing survival

The early detection of cancer, improving cancer outcomes, and building research capacity are central to increasing the survival of people with cancer.

Consultation with communities, and engagement with those affected by cancer, will inform initiatives related to this goal.

Goal 2: Increasing survival

The NSW Cancer Plan aims to improve the early detection of cancer; improve cancer outcomes; and build research capacity, innovation and translation.

Increasing attendance of screening programs for breast cancer, bowel cancer and cervical cancer will have a significant impact on cancer survival rates.

The Plan addresses increasing cancer awareness, earlier assessment and improved treatment pathways for cancers, including those that have a large impact on the community, such as:

  • lung cancer
  • bowel cancer
  • primary liver cancer.

This goal includes strategies to improve collaboration between primary health care (GPs and other community health providers) and cancer services to support a patient-centred quality cancer system.  

Also included under this goal are strategies to support:

  • health care providers to deliver evidence-based cancer treatment
  • the cancer system to deliver quality, patient-centred, integrated, multidisciplinary care
  • reducing unwarranted clinical variation
  • researchers and clinicians to build cancer research capacity
  • the translation of research outcomes into clinical practice.
  • NSW Cancer Plan:
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