Health professionals speaking at a nurse's station of a hospital


Work together at the system, service and care team levels with clear roles, accountabilities and governance, to achieve the best cancer outcomes.

  • Strengthen partnerships with primary health care to support prevention, screening and early detection efforts,  help people through all stages of care, and assist with the coordination of care.
  • Partner effectively across government – including the education, planning and communities and justice sectors – to ensure that cancer is considered in major strategies, frameworks and plans and to increase the resources and infrastructure available to the community.
  • Formalise governance systems and frameworks, so those working within cancer can partner effectively and be held accountable to meet the vision, goals and priorities of the NSW Cancer Plan.
  • Work with partners to ensure that activities related to cancer prevention, screening, treatment and follow-up are integrated into the delivery of other health services. 
  • Strengthen alignment with existing strategies, frameworks and plans developed by the NSW Ministry of Health, NSW Health pillars, the Australian Government Department of Health, Cancer Australia, the Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council (AH&MRC) and non- government organisations.