Patient experience of cancer care

Why this indicator is important

Enabling people to give feedback about their cancer experience can lead to more personalised care being provided. It can improve the quality of our health system and help focus on aspects of concern to patients.

About this indicator

Cancer Institute NSW has partnered with the Bureau of Health Information to report on the experiences of people with cancer in NSW. People who attended outpatient cancer clinics across NSW in November 2019 were surveyed between March and May 2020, and asked for feedback about their experiences and outcomes of care.

Patient experience surveys were mailed to 26,464 people who attended clinics at 49 NSW facilities, including three private facilities in November 2019.

Of the 13,009 people who responded:

  • 87% of people attending outpatient cancer clinics in participating NSW hospitals rated the overall care received at the clinic as ‘very good’.
  • 97% felt they were ‘always’ treated with respect and dignity.
  • 89% ‘definitely’ had confidence and trust in the health professionals.
  • 72% of people who smoked reported being advised by a health professional at an outpatient cancer clinic to quit smoking, and/or were provided help to quit smoking.

People who were admitted to a NSW public hospital (July 2013 - July 2014) with a principal or secondary diagnosis of cancer were also surveyed. 

  • Almost 6,500 people rated the care they received in hospital as either ‘very good’ (71%) or ‘good’ (24%)
  • 83% said they would 'speak highly' about their hospital experience to friends and family.

Patient‑reported responses to aspects of care for patients attending an outpatient cancer clinic in NSW, by hospital, local health district (LHD) and specialty network, November 2019

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L Hospital had low numbers of survey responses between 30 and 49. Interpret results with caution.

* Estimates are subject to high variability. Interpret results with caution.

** Significance testing not available for these categories.

^ Number of respondents too small for reporting.

R = Range of hospital scores.

^^ Sydney LHD excludes Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

Aspects of cancer care experienced by people in public hospitals, NSW, July 2013 to July 2014

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  1. Results shown are based on 6,457 survey responses. 
  2. Data source: Bureau of Health Information. Patient Perspectives – Hospital care for people with cancer. Sydney: BHI, 2015.