Use of cancer-related data held by Cancer Institute NSW

Why this indicator is important

The use of cancer-related data can help inform the provision of cancer services in NSW. It can also improve our understanding of people living with cancer in NSW.

Data held in the NSW Cancer Registry informs planning and evaluation of prevention, screening, treatment and support services.1

The NSW Population and Health Services Research Ethics Committee undertakes scientific and ethical review of applications from researchers to use cancer-related data.

Publishing the research findings from approved studies continues to help build a more comprehensive picture of cancer in NSW.

About this indicator

In 2020, 137 of the 500 current PHSREC approvals use Cancer Institute NSW data holdings.

There were 46 peer-reviewed journal articles published in 2020 that used data held by the Cancer Institute NSW. These articles are listed on the Cancer Institute NSW website


  1. Publications arising from aggregate/tabulated data requests were excluded.
  2. Publications where the full text was unable to be accessed, and the abstract was unclear about the use of Cancer Institute NSW data, were excluded.
  3. The number of peer-reviewed publications are likely to be a subset of the ethically-approved projects using Cancer Institute NSW data, as it usually takes many years after an ethics approval is granted for results to be published.
  4. If a publication was identified more than once (e.g. published online prior to print followed by full publication in an issue of the journal), the publication was counted once and the earliest date of publication was recorded.
  5. Source: NSW Populations and Health Services Research Ethics Committee. Publications data sourced via bibliometric searching on PubMed and Google Scholar.


  1. Roder D, Creighton N, Baker D, Walton R, Aranda S, Currow D. Changing roles of population-based cancer registries in Australia. Aust Health Rev. 2015 Sep;39(4):425-428. doi: 10.1071/AH14250.