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The next NSW Cancer Plan: 2022 and beyond

The new NSW Cancer Plan, which will take effect from January 2022, will build on the efforts of previous plans and provide the future direction of cancer control for our state. It will set out the collaborative efforts of the health system, government, non-government organisations and the community, to ensure we are working together to accelerate better outcomes for people affected by cancer.

The Cancer Institute is developing the plan in partnership with leading organisations in cancer control. Our collective efforts will be key to accelerating improvements in cancer outcomes as part of the new plan. Consultation is taking place from September 2020, to garner insights which will be combined with the latest data and evidence in cancer from NSW, and internationally.

Most importantly, we are engaging with people affected by cancer through a series of interviews and workshops, to make sure their needs and perspectives are at the heart of the next NSW Cancer Plan. We are working together to make sure the next NSW Cancer Plan has an impact where it matters most – on the lives of people affected by cancer today, and into the future.

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Get involved and learn more

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