History of the Cancer Institute NSW

The Cancer Institute NSW was established as the NSW statewide cancer control agency under the Cancer Institute (NSW) Act 2003. Although unique for Australia, it is based on highly successful international models.  


  • NSW Parliament passes the Cancer Institute (NSW) Act 2003.
  • The Cancer Institute NSW is established as Australia’s first statewide cancer control agency, with the remit to lessen the impact of cancer across NSW.


  • Australia’s first state cancer plan , the NSW Cancer Plan 2004–06 is created from a collaboration of more than 400 individuals, organisations, consumer and community groups.



  • The NSW Cancer Plan 2004–to06 delivered major improvements in reducing smoking rates, improving screening services, providing new staff and technology in hospitals, and increasing cancer research in our hospitals and research institutes.

The NSW Cancer Plan 2007–10 is developed and focused on five high priorities most likely to improve cancer results.


  • Founding Chief Cancer Officer and CEO of the Cancer Institute NSW, Professor Jim Bishop AO takes on a new challenge of Chief Medical Officer for the Commonwealth. 
  • The Standard Cancer Treatments Program is rebranded as eviQ Cancer Treatments Online.


  • Professor David Currow is appointed as CEO of the Cancer Institute NSW and Chief Cancer Officer for NSW. Prior to this, Professor Currow was the foundation Chief Executive Officer of Cancer Australia, the Australian Government's national cancer control agency.
  • The Cancer Institute NSW launches iCanQuit.


  • The NSW Cancer Plan 2011–to15 launches after an integrated and collaborative approach among all individuals, organisations and governments involved in cancer control throughout NSW.


  • The NSW Cancer Registry celebrates 40 years of collecting cancer information, including incidence, mortality and extent of disease at diagnosis.

The Cancer Institute NSW launches Canrefer.


  • The Cancer Institute NSW becomes a pillar (support organisation) of the NSW health system. This sees the Institute governed under the Health Services Act and the NSW Public Sector governance and accountability framework.


  • Planning and development for the fourth NSW Cancer Plan commences with broad consultation with health professionals, consumers, community groups and the general public.