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Know the T.I.P.S.

Four ways to improve your cancer care

T.I.P.S. is a four-point guide developed by the Cancer Institute NSW to help you have effective discussions with your patient about best practice cancer care.

T.I.P.S. is designed to encourage patient involvement and help improve their understanding of cancer diagnosis and care.


Downloadable resources

What does T.I.P.S. mean?

T.I.P.S. covers four main areas of cancer care that patients can play an active role in:

  • Team – knowing who their multidisciplinary team is and the role they have to play in their care.
  • Involvement – being actively involved in treatment decisions and understanding treatment options.
  • Plan – knowing what their treatment plan is and the next steps in their treatment, including who to talk to and when.
  • Support – knowing that they will likely need a support network of friends, family and health services during and after their treatment, and knowing how to create or access these networks.
Next steps

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Resources to help your conversations about cancer care:

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