Cancer support services

Know the T.I.P.S.

Know the people and services that can support you

Finding out you have cancer can impact all areas of your life. In addition to your cancer treatment, there may be services that can help you manage other areas of your life affected by cancer. 


It is important that you have a network of health professionals, as well as friends and family, to support you along the way. 

Things that you may find helpful are:

  • having someone attend appointments with you
  • accessing financial assistance for loss of income while receiving treatment
  • talking to someone about how your cancer diagnosis is affecting you, your family and friends.
Next steps

Ask your doctor how to access the support services available to you.

Do you or someone you care about have cancer?

Visit our patient resource to learn about cancer diagnosis, treatment and possible side effects. You will find practical advice about dealing with cancer and finding support.

We also recommend links to more detailed information.

You can also visit the Cancer Council for help with patient support services or you can call on 13 11 20 (9 am to 5 pm weekdays)