Patient Reported Measures in NSW cancer services

Patient reported measures (PRMs) are surveys which capture the views of patients on their care experiences and outcomes. The use of PRMs has been shown to improve patient experience and wellbeing, clinical decision making, and communication between patients and health professionals.

Using PRMs to measure the experiences of cancer patients in NSW allows cancer services and health professionals to better understand the unique needs of people affected by cancer. This can result in more personalised treatment for individual patients and drive improvements in the quality of care provided by cancer services.

Outpatient Cancer Clinic Survey

Since 2015, the Cancer Institute NSW (CINSW) has partnered with the Bureau of Health Information (BHI) to deliver the Outpatient Cancer Clinics Survey.

The survey is confidential and asks patients about their experiences when attending an outpatient cancer clinic in NSW.

Survey responses from patients across NSW are collated and analysed and the findings reviewed to identify where and how improvements can be made.

The Cancer Institute NSW uses the results of the Outpatient Cancer Clinics Survey in discussions with local health districts as part of the Reporting for Better Cancer Outcomes (RBCO) program.

Patient Reported Measures Program

The Cancer Institute NSW is working with cancer centres in NSW to implement an electronic patient-reported measures (PRMs) system.

Patients complete PRMs surveys on an electronic device (mobile or tablet) and their responses are sent directly to their medical record. This information is available in real time for the health professional they are seeing to review and discuss with the patient at their appointment.

Patients also have the option to receive relevant self-care information, based on their survey answers.

The system is currently being implemented in partnership with local health districts across the state.