B+ Agents of Change

The B+ 'Agents of Change' program produced Change of Our Lives in 2013–a 60-minute film to demystify hepatitis B.

It was made by young Vietnamese people from South Western Sydney, giving them training in filmmaking over four months and the chance to screen their final product.

Hepatitis B increases the risk of developing liver cancer substantially, and it is more common in Vietnamese communities in Australia. The Fairfield local government area in 2013 had the highest rates of liver cancer in NSW.

Through making the movie and being involved in the message, B+ 'Agents for Change' helps young people to spread the message of the importance of early detection and treatment in treating liver cancer. Members of the Vietnamese community were involved in all parts of the project.

The film follows the journey of Hung (Thien Nguyen) and his family, who hold a secret that will divide the Vietnamese community. Hung has chronic hepatitis B, and we see how this affects him and others around him.

The project was funded by the Cancer Institute NSW in July 2013, and developed by Cancer Council NSW in partnership with the Information and Cultural Exchange.


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