Module 2: Clean

Useful tip

Useful tip

Before you begin cleaning up your cancer screening data, it is important to establish your baseline screening rates.

Documenting your baseline before and after your clean up your data will help you to see the impact of your clean-up efforts on your cancer screening data quality.

Step 8 of Module 2 explains how to establish your baseline.

Module 2 will guide you through the steps for cleaning up your cancer screening data and for keeping it clean into the future.

Clean data will support you to:

  • easily and regularly identify under-screened patients
  • easily and regularly monitor your practice’s cancer screening participation rates
  • systematically remind all eligible patients about cancer screening
  • provide clinicians with appropriate cancer screening information at the point-of-care.

Remember to keep notes!

As you work through Modules 2 to 4, keep a list of changes you want to make to your cancer screening system. This information will inform your cancer screening policy.

You will document your policy in Module 5.