Step 1: Conduct a general data management health check

steps This section covers the following steps:

Step 1.1 Check if you are systematically performing basic clean-up functions
Step 1.2 Conduct any overlooked functions

Step 1.1 Check if you are systematically performing basic clean-up functions

Assess if your practice is systematically:

  • deactivating patients
  • deceasing patients
  • checking for missing dates of birth or gender
  • merging duplicate patient files.

Step 1.2 Conduct any overlooked functions

If you are not regularly undertaking any of the above activities:

  • use the instructions below to carry out the function
  • note the function for inclusion in your recall and reminder policy (see Module 3).
Software provider Deactivating patients Flagging patients as deceased Checking for missing dates of birth and gender Merging duplicate patient files
Best Practice Add a new patient Add a new patient Use BP Premier’s inbuilt queries to undertake a database search Merge patient records
Genie Edit patient 
Note: Marking a patient as Inactive or Deceased will prevent them from appearing in most searches and will prevent merged letters from being printed for the patient. The Deceased marker will also prevent you from booking appointments for that patient
Custom report Edit patient
Note: If you find you have inadvertently created two records for the one patient, highlight the two duplicate records and then select Merge Patients. The information from the two records will be merged into one record. This procedure will also combine all images and scanned documents for the two patients
Medical Director Deactivating/reactivating patients Flagging patients as deceased Editing a patient’s details from the clinical window Merging patient records
ZedMed Deactivating patients Deceasing patients Editing a patient record Merging patient record