Step 6: Consider adjusting your cancer screening service delivery based on patient feedback

Your practice may wish to consider:

  • conducting a patient survey to better understand what prevents patients from attending cervical screening at your practice
  • ways in which you can adjust your service to reduce the identified barriers to screening. For example, AB Surgery in West Kempsey successfully offered extended (evening) hours once a week in response to a patient survey that found women struggled to attend the clinic during the day, due to work and childcare demands.13 Extended hours can include evening or weekend clinics.
Practice point

Practice point

When talking to patients who are 30 years or over, and are more than two years overdue for cervical screening or have never screened, consider discussing self-collection.

Self-collection should only be offered to patients where screening by a health professional has been refused.

Consider having an appropriately trained practice nurse contact patients who are overdue for screening and have not responded to practice reminders.