Step 8: Maximise point-of-care and opportunistic cancer screening reminders and education

steps This section covers the following steps:

Step 8.1 Consider software that improves point-of-care prompts and reminders
Step 8.2 Maximise cancer awareness

Step 8.1 Consider software that improves point-of-care prompts and reminders

"You might want to consider some of the commercially available software that bolts on to your practice management system and allows for more sophisticated on-screen prompts" 2

- A/Prof Charlotte Hespe, Green Book Editorial Committee

Software provider

More information on point-of-care prompts

Best Practice

Enabling preventive health notifications


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Flagging a patient record

Medical Director

Prompt/Preventative Health Criteria  or Cervical screening

HotDoc Practice information


Step 8.2 Maximise cancer awareness

Step 8.2.1 Use events such as Daffodil Day, Pink Ribbon Day and Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea to promote cancer screening awareness

As well as presenting an opportunity to engage with patients, awareness events are a good time to encourage clinicians to get in the habit of routinely asking patients if they are up-to-date with their cancer screening.

Step 8.2.2 Ensure clinicians and patients have appropriate educational resources available

It is important that your practice has resources available:

  • to support clinicians discussing cancer screening with patients
  • for patients to learn more about cancer screening.

You can order free resources (e.g. brochures, postcards and posters) in multiple languages, and tailored for different populations by visiting:

In addition to the resources listed above, Module 4 provides links to resources that clinicians can use to support patient education and decision making.

Cancer Screening Australia provides the following resources to support education about cancer screening risk factors: