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Our vision is to end cancers as we know them. We're working to reduce the incidence of cancer, increase the survival of people with cancer, and improve the quality of life of people with cancer

We work with the health system and the community to help improve cancer outcomes for everybody.

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More than 10,000 surveys in NSW have asked people with cancer about their treatment and care, marking a major milestone for the Patient-reported Measures (PRMs) team.
As we get ready to send off 2022 and bring in a new year, a new campaign from the Cancer Institute NSW will help people make the best start for their health.
As the backbone of the Cancer Institute NSW’s work, the NSW Cancer Registry is one of several data records hosted at the Institute that are driving the cancer control agency’s vision.
A new melanoma hotspot map released by the Cancer Institute NSW highlights the danger of overexposure to UV radiation in regional NSW.