CanDLe program

The Enduring Cancer Data Linkage (CanDLe) program provides trusted researchers with data to improve cancer care.

CanDLe program

What is CanDLe?  

The Enduring Cancer Data Linkage (CanDLe) for health services research in New South Wales is a Cancer Institute NSW initiative that provides NSW Health data to a network of approved and trusted researchers. Through a novel governance model, it aims to advance the pace, quantity and quality of population-wide cancer research that is aligned to the goals of the NSW Cancer Plan.

The CanDLe program has been designed to safely provide faster access to linked cancer data and utilises the Five Safes Framework.

The Five Safes Framework


Is the researcher authorised to access and use the data appropriately?


Does the access environment prevent unauthorised use?


Is the data to be used for an appropriate purpose? 


Are the statistical results non-disclosive?


Has appropriate and sufficient protection been applied to the data?

Through its emphasis on researcher collaboration, CanDLe serves as an infrastructure to facilitate high quality population health research in NSW. The CanDLe program has been approved by the NSW Population & Health Research Ethics Committee (PHSREC).