Working with Primary Care

The Cancer Institute NSW is working collaboratively across the sector to increase primary care engagement with screening, and ultimately increase screening participation rates across NSW.

Working with Primary Care

Endorsement by general practitioners and other primary care providers increases participation in breast, cervical and bowel screening programs.

NSW Primary Care Strategy for bowel, breast and cervical screening programs

The Strategy provides a roadmap for the Cancer Institute NSW to work with the primary care health professionals to increase their involvement in these cancer screening programs.

The intended outcome of the Strategy is that more primary care providers, particularly in general practice, will recommend screening and follow-up to patients who are eligible for screening. This will contribute to an increase in breast, bowel and cervical screening participation rates across NSW.

While an individual’s decision to participate in screening is influenced by multiple factors, it is well recognised that primary health care providers can have a significant impact on encouraging people to screen. In particular, general practitioners (GPs) are recognised as having an influential role with patients.

The Strategy has been developed in consultation with the Cancer Institute’s Cancer Screening Primary Care Advisory Group and a range of disciplines, including general practitioners, gynaecological oncology, general practitioners, pathology, nursing, consumers, Family Planning NSW and representatives from NSW Primary Health Networks.

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