Patient Reported Measures (PRMs)

Putting people with cancer at the centre of their care. Patient Reported Measures allow people with cancer to provide timely feedback on their health care experiences and outcomes and assists healthcare teams to focus on what matters most to their patients.

Patient Reported Measures (PRMs)

What are PRMs?

Patient Report Measures (PRMs) capture the perspectives of patients on their experiences and outcomes of their cancer care.

Gathering patient-reported measures involves asking cancer patients about their experiences and outcomes, which ultimately measures their overall wellbeing.

Measuring the experiences of patients and reporting back to the health system enables cancer services and health professionals to better understand the needs of people affected by cancer. 

Understanding a patient’s outcomes throughout each stage of their cancer experience can enable more personalised treatment and drive improvements in the quality of care provided by cancer services.

Why use PRMs?

PRMs can benefit both patients and healthcare professionals by:

  • Encouraging communication and shared decision making
  • Facilitating earlier engagement of support services
  • Enabling clinicians to identify and triage what matters most to patients 
  • Supporting clinical review and improvements of care 
  • Linking patients to tailored information based on their survey responses.

The Patient Reported Measures Program

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