Research and data

Cancer data, clinical trials, grants and research in NSW

The Cancer Institute NSW manages data registries and funds cancer research in NSW to inform and influence improved cancer outcomes across the state.

Research and data

The Cancer Institute NSW collects and manages a significant amount of data about cancer incidence, outcomes, screening, trends and risk factors.

We use this information, working with our stakeholders, to influence change and make improvements across the cancer health system.

In particular, it enables us to direct funds where they are needed most. We are the largest funder of cancer research in NSW, providing grants, supporting clinical trials and investing in translational cancer research.

This support continues to turn innovative approaches to cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care into improved outcomes for people living with cancer.

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Clinical trials test new cancer treatments or other ways of improving cancer care. Cancer clinical trials are available in facilities across NSW.
Our cancer registries and data collections provide the most comprehensive information about cancer in NSW.
Since 2004, the NSW government through Cancer Institute NSW has invested more than $525 million in cancer research.
Meet researchers from across NSW who are working to improve outcomes for people with cancer.
Grants are offered by the Cancer Institute NSW to support innovative projects and research that enable us to work collaboratively to lessen the impact of cancer in NSW.
The NSW Population and Health Services Research Ethics Committee undertakes scientific and ethical review of population health research which utilises or links to routinely collected health (and other) data.