About cancer

Cancer is a disease that impacts many peoples’ lives.

Get all the facts whether you are living with a diagnosis, caring for a loved one, or just want to know more.

About cancer

Cancer is a disease that impacts many peoples’ lives. In fact, on average, one in two people in NSW will be diagnosed with some type of cancer by the age of 85.

The experience of having cancer is different for everyone. There are over 100 known types of cancer which can start almost anywhere in the body and affect people in different ways.

Understanding cancer is critical to help people reduce their cancer risk, approach their diagnosis with confidence, or support a loved one living with cancer.

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Learn about the basics of cancer including what it is, how it spreads, key symptoms, risk factors and more.
The type of cancer you have affects the symptoms you experience, the tests and treatments you need, and how well you are likely to do after treatment.
Discover inspirational stories from people whose lives have been affected by cancer.
Find cancer related resources, reports and research summaries.
Health professionals play an important role in our effort to reduce the incidence of cancer, increase survival rates and increase the quality of life of people with cancer.
It is important to know that there are things you can do to reduce your chance of getting cancer and to increase your chance of a good outcome if you do get cancer.