Diagnosis and treatment

Find information about cancer diagnosis, treatment and care based on the latest data and evidence.

Diagnosis and treatment
Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer, have a suspected cancer diagnosis, or are caring for someone with cancer, it is important to know how cancer is diagnosed and treated.

Diagnosis is how doctors discover what illness is causing your symptoms. The time to diagnose cancer varies for different people, as doctors may need to arrange specific scans or tests. It is also important to ensure the diagnosis is correct before starting treatment.

There are many different types of cancer treatment and the options can be complex. Your cancer care team can explain the options and what each phase of treatment involves. The best treatment for each person depends on the type and stage of the cancer, their general health and their personal preferences.

The pages in this section will help you understand and know what to expect throughout diagnosis and treatment.

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Getting a cancer diagnosis involves having some tests. You may have to see more than one doctor. The information in this section will help you understand how cancers are diagnosed.
Use the information in this section to learn about what treatment involves, possible side effects, and what happens at the end of treatment.