Publications using our data

Below is a list of publications that use data held by the Cancer Institute NSW.  

This includes:

  • NSW Cancer Registry
  • NSW Clinical Cancer Registry (2008–2012)
  • BreastScreen NSW
  • NSW Pap Test Register
  • Cancer Institute Tobacco Tracking Survey

Patients receiving initial active treatment for localised prostate cancer had generally worse long term self-reported quality of life than men without a diagnosis of prostate cancer.

The risk of developing a subsequent primary melanoma varies considerably between individuals & is particularly high for those with two or more previous melanomas.

Elevated serum CA19-9 concentration is a valid marker for CT-occult unresectable features. Clinical trials which evaluate the value of CA19-9 in the staging algorithm for pancreatic cancer are needed before it is routinely used in clinical practice.

Hydrochlorothiazide treatment was associated with an increased risk of both lip cancer and cutaneous melanoma, suggesting that hydrochlorothiazide's photosensitising properties may promote carcinogenesis in sun-exposed tissues.