Publications using our data

Below is a list of publications that use data held by the Cancer Institute NSW.  

This includes:

  • NSW Cancer Registry
  • NSW Clinical Cancer Registry (2008–2012)
  • BreastScreen NSW
  • NSW Pap Test Register
  • Cancer Institute Tobacco Tracking Survey

Knowledge of late treatment-related effects can guide surveillance of survivors and treatment modification, without compromising the high rates of survival from childhood cancers.

Differences in cancer registration practices were only able to partly explain international differences in cancer survival.

The incidence of hepatic cancer in children appears to have increased over the last 30 years in Australia and North America. Previously observed survival gaps between these countries were no longer apparent.

The increasing use of CT scanning, improvements in pathological assessment of the appendix, and the growing aging population may have contributed in part to the apparent rise in the incidence of appendiceal neoplasms.