How to apply

Standing Expression of Interest for Researcher Committee Members

The NSW Population and Health Services Research Ethics Committee (PHSREC) would like to invite researchers active in the fields of health economics, health services and clinical academic research to join the Committee. This position provides a unique and prestigious opportunity to contribute to human research that meets the highest scientific and ethical standards. The position would be most suitable for mid-career to senior researchers. Training and mentoring are available. To learn more please see the full EOI on our membership page. 

Submitting applications

The NSW Population and Health Services Research Ethics Committee undertakes scientific and ethical review of population health and/or public health research which utilises or links to routinely collected health (and other) statewide data.

The Committee reviews submissions that seek to access data held by the NSW Ministry of Health or Cancer Institute NSW for the purposes of research.

The NSW PHSREC is a paperless Ethics Committee. Please do not submit paper copies of your application.  Applicants must submit a copy of the Cover letter, HREA, Protocol, NSW Privacy Form, Peer Review Report and all other supporting documentation listed below via REGIS.


Please be aware that REGIS – the new online system for submitting and managing ethics applications for all NSW Health HRECs – was rolled out across the state in 2018 and replaced Online Forms and AU Red.

The NSW PHSREC now only accepts ethics applications created and submitted via REGIS. When preparing a submission to the NSW PHSREC via REGIS, please consult the REGIS Quick Reference Guides.

Notes specific to submitting to PHSREC via REGIS:

  • During Project Registration, at Question B8 HREC Organisation, select "Cancer Institute NSW" from the drop-down menu. Then at B9 HREC Name, the HREC name is "NSW Population and Health Service Research Ethics Committee."
  • If you are undertaking data linkage, at HREA Q4.5, please select the “Greater than Low Risk” review pathway.
  • Please register/supply institutional email addresses for all investigators on the study. Hotmail, gmail and any other personal accounts will not be accepted.
  • Please note that study sites are generally considered to be the location(s) where research will be conducted. For example, if your team is conducting research from a university, that institution will be considered the study site.

A submission ready application includes:

  1. Cover Letter introducing your study to the Ethics Committee and listing all accompanying documents. Please ensure that this is signed by the Coordinating Principal Investigator. 
  2. Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) - as submitted in REGIS 
    If you are undertaking data linkage, at HREA Q4.5, please select the “Greater than Low Risk” review pathway.
  3. Protocol - Applications must use one of the following templates: 
    1. Protocol Template OR
    2. Combined Protocol and Application for Data *Please use this template if you are submitting an application through the Centre for Health Record Linkage (CHeReL).  This form serves as both the Research Protocol and the CHeReL Application for Data. 
  4. NSW Privacy Form (Word Doc)
  5. For each Dataset: Data Variables Lists with strong justification for each variable in the context of the statistical analysis plan.
  6. 6. For each Dataset: Data Custodian Approval for the use and disclosure of the data variables as detailed in the Protocol and data variable list. Data Custodian Approval Template (electronic signatures are acceptable).
  7. Centre for Health Record Linkage (CHeReL) Technical Feasibility Letter or Email
  8. CVs of all listed Investigators - A short CV (2 pages) with expertise relevant to the project will suffice.
  9. Independent Peer Review Report - This is a compulsary document. The PHSREC recommends that the report is completed by a subject matter expert independent to the research team, ideally one that has not published with members of the team in the last 5 years. Reviewers can be interstate or international. Please allow sufficient time for this to be completed before the submission close date of your choice as applications will not be accepted without peer review.
  10. OPTIONAL for relevant projects only: Suggested PICF wording for data linkage. Participant Information Sheet & Consent Form 2018 (Word doc)

Electronic submission

The requirements for electronic submission are outlined below:

  • REGIS does not require signatures from all investigators, but does require the Coordinating Principal Investigator to certify and submit the Application.
  • The Coordinating Principal Investigator must be CC’d on all other submissions/correspondence to the PHSREC (including amendments and reporting).