Supporting cancer care

The Cancer Institute NSW is committed to continually improving cancer treatment and care across the state.

Learn about the different programs and initiatives below.

Supporting cancer care

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Patient Reported Measures Program

This program allows people with cancer to provide feedback on their healthcare and assists healthcare teams to focus on what matters most to their patients.

Reporting for Better Cancer Outcomes Program

Learn more about Reporting for Better Cancer Outcomes (RBCO) program and how it works to lessen the impact of cancer across the state.

Specialist Cancer Centres

Cancer Institute NSW works collaboratively across the health system to support improvements in cancer care, by using data to drive positive change.

Clinical Engagement Program

Learn about the Clinical Engagement Program, see a calendar of upcoming events, and express interest in co-designing system-wide indicators.

Optimal care pathways

Learn how he Optimal care pathways outline a national standard of high-quality cancer care.

Translated cancer resources for multicultural communities

Access cancer prevention and screening information, and resources for people with cancer in over 46 languages.

Know the T.I.P.S. - Improve your cancer care

T.I.P.S. (Team, Involvement, Plan, Support) is a 4-point guide to help you have conversations with your doctor & ultimately help you manage your cancer care.

Leading Better Value Care

The Leading Better Value Care Program seeks to identify and implement opportunities for delivering better value care to the people of NSW.

Hereditary cancer registry

Learn about the NSW & ACT Hereditary Cancer Registry, assisting people from families with a high risk of hereditary cancer to understand & manage their risk.

Hereditary cancers

What are hereditary cancers? Hereditary cancer conditions can be passed from generation to generation - learn about them and find resources.

Programs we support

The Cancer Institute NSW supports programs to target reducing cancer among key communities.

How does eviQ support cancer treatment in NSW?

eviQ helps deliver quality cancer treatment by providing health professionals with online protocols and information.

Virtual care in cancer services

Learn about how virtual care can help to safely connect patients with health professionals.