Reduce your cancer risk

How can you prevent cancer? Healthy habits can make a big difference. Learn about the six healthy living changes you can make to reduce your cancer risk

Reduce your cancer risk

A cancer risk factor is something that can increase your chance of getting cancer. You cannot change some risk factors, like your age and your genetics. But you can change others, like leading a healthy and active life.

We know that one in three cancers can be prevented through healthy lifestyle choices.1  

By getting support to make six key changes in your life today, you can reduce your risk of experiencing cancer in the future.

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What can you do to prevent cancer?

Stopping drinking alcohol or drinking less , maintaining a healthy weight, eating healthy, being active, protecting your skin and quitting smoking are six key ways to give your body the best chance against several types of cancer.[2] Healthier habits can also protect you against diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other illness.

There are many factors in our lives that can make it difficult to make healthy living changes. Sometimes, it is hard to know where to start and just the thought of change can feel overwhelming. However, over time, it is possible to make positive changes to your daily habits.  

Our practical information can support you to make healthy choices at your own pace.

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