Cancer Research

Since 2004, the NSW government through Cancer Institute NSW has invested more than $525 million in cancer research.

Cancer Research

The NSW government, through Cancer Institute NSW is one of the largest funders of cancer research in NSW. We support cancer clinical trials by providing funding and strategic support to Local Health Districts, Specialty Networks and private institutes to undertake clinical trials. 

We invest in the next generation of cancer researchers so that NSW continues to be the home of world-class cancer research. Our translational cancer research funding supports multi-disciplinary research teams to rapidly translate cancer research into improving outcomes that matter.

Cancer research investment

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competitive research awards and grants funded since 2004

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awards and grants since 2004
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NSW cancer clinical trials recruiting in FY2020/21
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NSW cancer clinical trial enrolments in FY 2020/21

Research that changes lives takes time 

The development and implementation of treatments to improve cancer care take time. Research involves many stages that form a critical path which may take many years to translate into clinical practice.

The Cancer Institute NSW is committed to continuing its investment in research development and innovation that will provide future benefit in reducing the burden of cancer in NSW.