Prevention and screening

Find out how one in three cancers can be prevented through healthy living and how cancer screening can save lives.

Prevention and screening

From daily healthy habits to taking part in screening, there are many actions you can take now to help prevent cancer and detect it early.

We know that you can lower your cancer risk by kicking cancer-causing habits and adopting healthy living habits.

Research shows us that by drinking less alcohol, exercising regularly, eating healthily, quitting smoking and protecting your skin, you can reduce your risk of one in three cancers.[1]  

Along with healthy living, cancer screening can save lives. Screening programs look for early signs of cancer or indications that a person is more likely to develop the disease in the future. In most cases, early detection improves chances of successful treatment for patients and can also mean a greater range of treatment options is available.

National screening programs are available in NSW for breast cancer, bowel cancer and cervical cancer

Find out if you are eligible for cancer screening and what you can do now to prevent cancer.


1. Whiteman DC, Webb PM, Green AC, Neale RE, Fritschi L, Bain CJ, et al. Cancers in Australia in 2010 attributable to modifiable factors: summary and conclusions. Aust N Z J Public Health. 2015;39(5): 477–84

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You can prevent one in three cancers. Use our evidence-based and practical tips for preventing cancer.
Cancer screening saves lives and can significantly improve outcomes for patients. Find out more about cancer screening and if you are eligible.