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Understanding more about cancer can help people to reduce their risk, approach their own diagnosis with confidence, or support other people living with the cancer.

This World Cancer Day 2019, on 4 February, we are saying “I Am And I Will” to encourage people to make a commitment to help end cancers as we know them.

To support World Cancer Day 2018, on 4 February, we are saying “We Can. I Can” end cancers as we know them.

What can I do to reduce cancer risk? Live a healthy and active lifestyle! Most of us know what that means, here are some specific things you can do.

Helping people to give direct and timely feedback about their cancer experience and outcomes means they can receive more personalised care.

Watch the new anti-tobacco campaign targeting young male smokers aged 18 to 34 years in NSW, as their smoking rates are higher than the general population.

Spreading the message of being safe in the sun and preventing skin cancer.