Cancer incidence, mortality and survival and hospital utilisation in NSW


Professor Karen Canfell

Project Title: Cancer incidence, mortality and survival and hospital utilisation in NSW

Lead researcher: Professor Karen Canfell

Organisation: The Daffodil Centre, University of Sydney 

The Project:

This project will utilise CanDLe data for two purposes:

  1. Temporal patterns in cancer incidence, mortality and survival by demographic and clinical factors will be assessed and used to inform our cancer modelling approaches. These modelling approaches synthesise data from many sources (of which CanDLe will be one) to evaluate the future health and economic impact of cancer control interventions in Australia;
  2. Data on cancer-related hospitalisations will be used to assess prognostic factors, variations in patterns of care, and the relationship of comorbidities to cancer outcomes. The specific cancers of interest in this application are: cancers of the colorectum, lung, breast, ovary, prostate, liver, cervix, as well as melanoma and multiple myeloma, and cancers associated with selected pan-tumour biomarkers 


Latest Approval Date 1 October 2021
Approved Protocol Version and Date Version 2, 9 March 2022
Dataset Name CanDLe 1
Access Type SURE
Status In progress