The Cancer Institute NSW material on this website is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 licence, with some exceptions (listed below).

Two levels of Creative Commons licences are commonly used by Cancer Institute NSW. Webpages and documents are marked with icons that refer to the below:

Creative Commons License Attribution CC BY 
Information can be distributed and allows others to transform or build upon the work, even commercially, as long as the  Cancer Institute NSW is credited for the original creation.
See Creative Commons description.

Creative Commons License Attribution-NoDerivatives CC BY-ND 
Information can be freely distributed but cannot be changed in any way. This is usually due to any alteration or use of specific parts being deemed to be a risk for clinical practice or understanding if not provided in the original context.This icon will be displayed on pages that should be treated as CC-BY-ND.
See Creative Commons description.

For both licences please give attribution in this form:

‘© State of New South Wales (Cancer Institute NSW). For current information go to’

We also request that you observe and retain any copyright or related notices that may accompany this material as part of the attribution.

Where no Creative Commons icon is present:

Information contained in this website is subject to Copyright and may not be reproduced in any material form or transmitted to any other person without the prior written permission of the Cancer Institute NSW, except as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 (as amended) or as specifically indicated on this website as an item of Information that is freely available for download and distribution between a health professional and a patient, or between any parties indicated at the point of download.  Should you wish to obtain permission to reproduce the Information, please contact us using our feedback form.

In particular, the user of the Information agrees:

  • to retrieve, save or print information for personal, clinical, educational, or research use only
  • not to reproduce any major extract or the entire document except as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 (as amended), or as indicated above, without the prior written permission of the Cancer Institute NSW
  • to include this copyright notice and disclaimer in any copy made.

This Information is subject to copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without the express permission of the Cancer Institute NSW.

Material not licensed under the Creative Commons Licence

The following material available from this website is not licensed under the Creative Commons licence:

  1. Any data or any other information subject to licensing or that has been made available with restrictions as required by the Cancer Institute NSW Data Governance Policy (PDF)  
  2. the State’s Coat of Arms and any other symbols, logos or trademarks of the State of NSW or any Department or agency of the State (unless incidentally reproduced in using an unaltered document under the Creative Commons licence),
  3. any third party material unless expressly stated to be published under the Creative Commons licence, and
  4. any material on the website that is expressly stated to be published subject to specified conditions other than the Creative Commons licence. More restrictive licensing agreements would not be overridden by Creative Commons.

The State of New South Wales, acting through Cancer Institute NSW, supports and encourages the reuse of its publicly funded information, and endorses the use of the Australian Governments Open Access and Licensing Framework (AusGOAL).
You can find more information from the NSW Government State Copyright Unit here: