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Performance index

Progress of the NSW Cancer Plan implementation will be regularly monitored and evaluated. The Performance Index presents the indicators used to track and report annually on progress against the Plan's objectives.

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The above indicators are based on the most current available data in NSW at the time Reporting for Better Cancer Outcomes (RBCO) is published annually. Where possible, the indicators reflect international best practice.

Indicators under development

The below Cancer Plan indicators are under development, and data will be provided when available:

  • High-grade lesions detected in cervical screening (HPV immunisation program)
  • Client experience of BreastScreen NSW (screening and assessment)
  • Proportion of rectal cancer resections where ≥ 12 lymph nodes are reported in the pathology report (in the absence of neoadjuvant therapy)
  • Number of cancer related peer review publications from NSW.
  • See a summary of the key achievements from the previous NSW Cancer Plan 2011-15.