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There are many factors that can increase the risk of lung cancer, but data show a significant amount of Australians only link the disease with tobacco smoking.

Lung cancer is killing more people in NSW than any other cancer, but are stereotypes also hurting people living with the disease?

Many people in NSW are delaying seeking treatment for symptoms consistent with lung cancer, a new study from the Cancer Institute NSW reveals.

What’s worse – hearing that you have lung cancer or having to say it to your children?

A new study by the Cancer Institute NSW has revealed the immediate impact of cigarette plain packaging. The study analysed calls to the Quitline support service to find a 78 per cent increase associated with the phasing in of plain packaging from 1 October 2012.

On Sunday 1 December, the Federal Government’s 12.5 per cent tax increase on cigarettes will come into effect, a move welcomed by the Cancer Institute NSW, the State’s cancer control agency.

A new public education campaign has been launched by the Minister for Health, Jillian Skinner, and the Cancer Institute NSW, aimed at improving the survival rates of people diagnosed with lung cancer by encouraging early detection.

The Tobacco Legislation Amendment Bill has been passed by the NSW Parliament, taking NSW one step closer to becoming a smoke-free state. The amendments, part of the NSW Tobacco Strategy 2012 – 2017 which was developed after public consultation, extended the smoke-free areas declared under the Smoke-Free Environment Act to outdoor public places, including swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, organised sporting events, public transport stops and commercial outdoor dining areas.

The NSW Tobacco Strategy 2012- 2017 announced today by the Minister for Health and Minister for Medical Research, Hon Jillian Skinner, is a breath of fresh air for communities across NSW.

Chief cancer officer and CEO of the Cancer Institute NSW asks quitters to put today's headlines into perspective.