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Professor Georgina Long is the 2018 Outstanding Cancer Researcher of the Year, recognised for breakthroughs in melanoma research by the Cancer Institute NSW.

Professor Kefford is the 2017 NSW Outstanding Cancer Researcher of the Year, a world-leading researcher and clinician in the causes and treatment of melanoma.

Three young people living with cancer are sharing their stories to help Australians protect their skin this summer and beyond.

New research supported by the Cancer Institute NSW is giving new confidence to people with melanoma, during and after a cancer diagnosis.

Dr James Wilmott says his Wildfire Award will help expand research into treatment options for people with mucosal melanoma, a rare but deadly form of skin cancer.

Professor Georgina Long is changing the lives of people with advanced melanoma, with new results from a world-first trial in Sydney.

As the days get shorter and the temperature slowly drops across the state, the Cancer Institute NSW is urging young Aussies to stay sun safe in the face of an off-season burn.

Most people unfortunately know the ache of sunburn – worse, many people know the pain and loss of skin cancer – but do we really understand what’s behind it all?

A new study shows over 100 lives and $60 million were saved in NSW over eight years due to skin cancer campaigns.

Throughout 2011–12, the Cancer Institute NSW has been at the forefront of developing – for the first time – a comprehensive skin cancer prevention strategy for NSW.