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BreastScreen NSW is part of a national program, which collects information on breast screening services within the program for women aged 40 years and over in NSW.

Analysis of the demonstration of the inframammary angle using selected paired digital mammograms performed by BreastScreen NSW indicates clinically achievable rates well below that required for compliance to known worldwide accreditation standards for screening mammography.

Actual glandular dose estimated from mammographic breast density (MBD) is highly correlated to MGD using the Dance et al method in a sample of anonymised mammograms from BreastScreen NSW.

This study demonstrated that no identifiable or unique distribution of mammographic parenchymal patterns was noted in this snapshot of Indigenous women attending BreastScreen NSW.

Women aged 50–74 are being urged to remember their regular mammograms.

In New South Wales, survival was similar amongst affluent and deprived women, regardless of whether their breast cancer was screen-detected or not. In the West Midlands, there were large and persistent differences in survival between affluent and deprived women.