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Cancer Plan indicator: Breast cancer screening participation rates and numbers

NSW Cancer Plan indicator: Screening participation rates by Aboriginal adults (breast cancer screening)

Cancer Plan indicator: Breast screening participation rates by Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities

Emergency hospitalisations following chemotherapy for early breast cancer were relatively common, especially following docetaxel-containing protocols.

Breast cancer screening programs test large numbers of women for early signs of breast cancer, long before a woman could feel any breast changes.

The Pink Sari Project external is working to increase the number of women in Indian and Sri Lankan communities in NSW being screened for breast cancer.

There are 10 areas across NSW where women experience higher rates of breast cancer risk factors.

BreastScreen NSW is a free, government funded service that aims to detect breast cancer early before it has a chance to spread.

We produce breast screening campaigns to encourage more women in NSW to get mammograms - browse the media and find out about the campaigns.