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The campaigns and projects that drive the activities of the NSW Cervical Screening Program.

One of the ways through which the NSW Cervical Screening Program aims to encourage women to participate in regular cervical screening is through social marketing campaigns. These have been shown to be successful in impacting knowledge, awareness and behaviour.

This campaign engages Aboriginal women aged 18-69 to increase awareness of cervical cancer and the importance of Pap tests.

This campaign was developed following research indicating embarrassment as a barrier to women participating in cervical screening.

This campaign was developed to encourage women to have two-yearly Pap tests, especially those who had received the HPV vaccine.

The NSW Pap Test Register holds information about cervical test results and sends reminder letters to women overdue for their tests.

To assist GPs to identify and remind patients who are overdue for their 2-yearly Pap test, the NSW Pap Test Register provides an electronic reminder messaging service to eligible GP practices across the state.

The NSW Cervical Screening Program implements a range of activities within specific priority populations in order to increase cervical screening rates.

NSW Cervical Screening Program fund training courses and workshops through Family Planning NSW for GPs and Practice Nurses to increase their skills and confidence in performing Pap tests and other women's health screening checks.

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