Cervical screening community education resources

Get access to our cervical screening community education resources translated in multiple languages.

The Cervical screening – taking care of your health Flipchart and Facilitator Manual have been designed to support those providing information on cervical cancer and cervical screening to women from different cultural backgrounds, particularly those eligible to participate in the National Cervical Screening Program (NCSP).

The Flipchart will assist health and community organisations/workers to explain how cervical cancer develops and how it can be prevented through cervical screening. There is information to explain the Cervical Screening Test which is recommended every five years for all women between the ages of 25-74 who have ever been sexually active.

The Flipchart is currently available in English, Arabic, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Assyrian, Khmer, Spanish and Farsi.

The Facilitator Manual accompanies the Flipchart and provides guidance on planning and delivering cervical screening education sessions. It includes a planning checklist, the flipchart content (including facilitator notes), optional activities and frequently asked questions about cervical screening.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding these resources please email us.

How to access these resources

Printed A3 sized flipcharts with an inbuilt stand are available for free to NSW organisations. Please email the cervical screening team (CINSW-CervicalScreening@health.nsw.gov.au) with the required languages and postal address (order limits apply).

Access the PDF and PowerPoint versions of the resources below.


Cervical screening flipcharts are available in these languages:

English Flipchart English Facilitator Manual (PDF)
Arabic: PDF | PPT Assyrian: PDF | PPT
Chinese Simplified: PDF | PPT Chinese Traditional: PDF | PPT
Farsi: PDF | PPT Khmer: PDF | PPT
Korean: PDF | PPT Spanish: PDF | PPT
Thai: PDF | PPT Vietnamese: PDF | PPT