How to access the CanDLe Data

Learn what steps are required for researchers and research teams to access CanDLe data.

1.    Research Teams join the CanDLe program

Research teams may apply to join the CanDLe program by submitting an Expression of Interest that nominates a Lead Researcher and Data Controller.

2.    CanDLe Researchers agree to responsibilities

All researchers using the CanDLe datasets are responsible for ensuring they adhere to the Five Safes Framework. CanDLe data users fall under three tiers and have specific roles and responsibilities. More information about each tier is available in the CanDLe user protocol

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Lead Researcher

Responsible for the oversight and management of all approved research of their research group.

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Data Controller

Responsible for overseeing the appropriate access and use of the CanDLe data by the approved data users within their secure data storage workspace.

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Data User

Responsible for safely and ethically using the CanDLe data.

3. Lead Researchers submit research protocols for review and approval

Learn more about the Research Project Approval Process

4.    Analyse CanDLe Data

Once the research protocol has been approved, the CanDLe researchers analyse the data for the project in the secure environment. The data controllers review the research results to ensure confidentiality and adherence to the protocol and CanDLe user policy before allowing them to be removed from a secure environment. 

5.    Review of draft CanDLe publications by Cancer Institute NSW

All draft reports must be reviewed by the Cancer Institute NSW to ensure confidentiality and adherence to the protocol prior to submission to publication or public presentation.