NSW Clinical Cancer Registry (2008-2012)

Data coverage

The NSW Clinical Cancer Registry (2008–2012) contains basic patient, cancer and clinical data relating to episodes of care from 2008 to 2012 in public facilities within 12 local health districts (LHDs) in NSW. It is a legacy dataset and only contains data up to December 2012.  Clinical data from 2013 are available from the NSW Cancer Registry

The NSW Clinical Cancer Registry (2008–2012) does not have population coverage.

Data sources

Data has been entered from public facilities within 12 LHDs in NSW.

Data availability

Data are available for the following periods:
Historical series: 2008–2012

To request data, please contact CINSW-DARenquiries@health.nsw.gov.au 

Data elements

The data items included in the NSW Clinical Cancer Registry (2008–2012) are provided in the data dictionary.

Data quality

Data in the NSW Clinical Cancer Registry (2008–2012) are raw, uncleaned and un-validated. All researchers requesting these data should read the following whitepaper and understand the limitations of this dataset.

The Whitepaper: CINSW Clinical Cancer Data 2008–2012 provides background on the coverage offered by the NSW Clinical Cancer Registry (2008–2012) and the implications for designing a study based on these data.

Data custodian

All research projects requesting this data are required to submit a new application to the NSW Clinical Cancer Registry (2008–2012) data custodian and NSW Population Health Services and Research Ethics Committee (NSW PHSREC) for approval. 

For more information, please contact CINSW-DARenquiries@health.nsw.gov.au​ or see our cancer data and statistics page.