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Summarised cancer data or statistics relate to multiple people and are presented in a table.

Summary statistics, otherwise known as tabulated or aggregate data, are data that relate to multiple people or events. The data are combined and reported in a table. For example, the numbers of cases of cancer in NSW, mortality rates for a particular cancer or breast cancer screening rates. It is not possible to trace the data back to an individual person.

The Cancer statistics NSW page is an interactive dashboard providing summary statistics.

Summary statistics are available for:

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To request summary statistics that are not available on Cancer statistics NSW, please see below and use the form under “Data dictionary and forms".

NSW Cancer Registry data

Data version: NSW Cancer Registry (NSWCR) 2020 NSW cancer incidence and mortality release

Data available for summary statistics:

  • Invasive primary cancer cases:
    • Incidence and mortality: 1972-2020
  • In-situ cancer cases for breast cancer and melanoma only:
    • Incidence and mortality: 2002-2020

Next data release:

  • Cancer statistics NSW and data for summary statistics:
    • 2021 NSW cancer incidence and mortality (due second half 2023)


  • More information on the NSW Cancer Registry.
  • In-situ cases for breast cancer and melanoma are collected by the NSWCR but are not included in any statistical reporting. They are not registered according to the same standard coding rules as invasive cancers, thus they should not be included with or compared to invasive breast cancer or melanoma incidence and mortality statistics.

​Data dictionary and forms:

Caveats and release notes:

Data custodian: Data Governance Manager


Other data available

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For information about data elements available, please refer to the relevant data dictionary on the unlinked unit record data page.

Data request time frames and cost

We aim to extract, check and supply 95% of summary statistic data requests within 5 to 10 working days. We will contact you to discuss your request. 

Complex data requests may incur a cost.