Cancer Notification Portal

The Cancer Notification Portal enables the submission of notifications of cancer cases and clinical information to be provided to the Institute in an electronic format, by Private facilities, Aged Care Facilities and Outpatient Oncology Services.

Cancer is a notifiable disease under the Public Health Act 2010. Notifiable cancers are listed in the Cancer Notifications: Notifying Cancers to the NSW Cancer Registry Policy Directive (2022).

Facilities and services required to provide notifications include:

  • Pathology Laboratories in NSW or providing pathology services in a NSW facility. This includes: Histopathology, Haematology and Cytogenetics.
  • Hospitals (Public or Private)
  • Day Procedure Centres
  • Rehabilitation Hospitals
  • Radiation Oncology Outpatient Services
  • Medical Oncology and Haematology Outpatient Services

Cancer incidence notifications are received by the Institute on behalf of the NSW Ministry of Health and compiled in the NSW Cancer Registry.

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For more information about the Portal and how the information is used, or to register for submitting cancer notifications, please contact

Clinical information collected under agreements between the Institute and cancer services is also compiled in this Registry. The information collected enables the monitoring of cancer incidence, mortality and survival.

It informs initiatives to improve cancer health system performance and, ultimately, improve outcomes for people with cancer.