Cancer Screening and Prevention Grants

The Cancer Screening and Prevention Grant Program provides funding to organisations working in cancer, health and other related services, to undertake evidence-based projects that have the potential to be embedded in the health system and are sustainable past the funding period. The focus of these grants is community and service-centred initiatives and not research proposals.

Cancer Screening and Prevention Grants 2020

Women from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities are identified as a priority population for cervical and breast screening as they are less likely to participate in these screening programs. These women face various barriers that prevent them from getting screened. Cervical cancer can be prevented through regular cervical screening, and breast screening saves lives by detecting breast cancers early.

The Cancer Screening and Prevention Grants 2020 fund community organisations to use the Cancer Institute NSW flipchart resources to provide education, information and support to women in CALD communities to encourage and increase participation in breast and cervical screening programs. The projects target women within the age range for cervical screening (25-74 years) and/or breast screening (50-74 years) in communities identified as having low participation rates in those screening programs. The projects commenced in October 2020 and will run for 12 months. 

Project title
Target population
Screening program
Total funding

Arab Council Australia

Screening and Linkages: Arab Women in NSW

Women of Arabic speaking backgrounds residing in Blacktown and Fairfield LGAs.

Breast Screening $15,000.00

Boronia Multicultural Services

Screening for Wellbeing

Women in Afghan communities residing in Blacktown (for breast and cervical screening) and Cumberland LGA’s (cervical screening only).

Breast and cervical screening $18,500.00
Cancer Council NSW Building on strong community ties to increase breast and cervical screening participation

Chinese (focusing on breast and cervical screening) and Korean women (focusing on cervical screening only) residing in Blacktown LGA and Western Sydney LHD.

Breast and cervical screening $19,744.21
Liverpool Women’s Health Centre “Sahhatik” – Cervical and Breast Cancer Screening Women from Arabic speaking backgrounds residing in Liverpool and Fairfield areas. Breast and cervical screening $20,000.00
Pink Sari Inc Cervical Screening for Survival

Women of Indian and Sri Lankan backgrounds residing in Western and South Western Sydney.

Cervical screening $15,000.00
Vietnamese Community in Australia - NSW Chapter Inc. New Journey for Greater Growth Vietnamese women residing in South Western Sydney LGAs, particularly in Fairfield. Breast and cervical screening $16,671.12