Tobacco Control Grants

The Tobacco Control Grants specifically target organisations that work with Aboriginal and/or Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities.

Organisation Application Title Summary Funding Period Funding Amount

Northern New South Wales Local Health District (NNSW LHD)

Putting out the fires in our communities

This project aims to influence and enable more smokers to commit to taking small, practical steps towards quitting tobacco. The campaign will include multiple strategies to improve community uptake of tobacco cessation support and resources. Community conversations and market research will be undertaken to identify the impact of smoking.

Messages with focus on the impact of smoking on local communities will then be developed with the aim to improve uptake of existing tobacco cessation services by local Aboriginal communities. 

March 17-Feb 19 $142,720

Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District

I say Quit!

This project aims to work with a diverse range of Aboriginal people currently smoking and those who have recently quit in the age groups of 18-30yrs and 30-45yrs, to develop a series of messages that focus on quitting and preferred appropriate and acceptable processes for the delivery of those messages.

Objectives are to enhance referrals to the Aboriginal Quitline, iCanQuit website and local services including Quit 4new life, through the use of text messages, social media and video production.

March 17-Feb 19 $149,500
Marathon Health Ltd / WNSW LHD Let's quit together Western NSW  

This project takes a multi-faceted approach to reduce smoking among Aboriginal communities in Western NSW. It will build on current smoking cessation support services and other cancer prevention activities coordinated by Marathon Health in Western NSW, including the HPV self-sampling and bowel cancer screening programs currently targeting Western NSW Aboriginal communities.

It will utilise existing, established and cancer-related partnerships with Local Aboriginal Land Councils throughout Western NSW, Quitline, the Western NSW Local Health District (LHD), schools and other relevant local health providers to develop and deliver a comprehensive community engagement program targeting Aboriginal smokers. 

March 17-Feb 19 $75,000
Yerin Aboriginal Health Services Inc. Working with community to reduce smoking  The working with community smoking reduction initiative is a community-centred project focusing on education, empowerment and support for families and individuals to reduce smoking. The project seeks to increase acceptance and knowledge that most of the Aboriginal community on the Coast are non-smokers. The aim is to reinforce to the community that the majority in the Aboriginal community do not smoke and to challenge the social norms of smoking and its perceived benefit as a stress reliever. Through an integrated community and clinical approach to smoking cessation, and using open community dialogue, the project will provide health promotion, train health workers and investigate the role of community mentors and healers/carers within family circles.  March 17-Feb 19 $150,000
Community Migrant Resource Centre (CMRC) CMRC Cumberland Arabic Tobacco Control Project

This project aims to  reduce  smoking rates by 5%  by 2018 for all Arabic speaking people participating in the project, by delivering strategies that  demonstrate efficiency within outreach and community engagement, using the ethnic media and tailoring culturally specific messages via CMRC bilingual workers.

The project will develop health capacity building strategies, workforce training and integration of initiatives developed and delivered by a culturally tailored tobacco control program. The CMRC will employ an Arabic speaking worker to deliver Tobacco control strategies to Arabic speaking communities across Cumberland LGA. 

Feb 17 - Jan 18 $75,000
Chinese Australian Services Society Ltd (CASS) Capacity Building, Participatory Communication and Co-creation to reduce smoking rates of people from Chinese speaking background in NSW This Project targets the adult male smokers aged 18 years and over from Chinese-(Mandarin and Cantonese) speaking communities in NSW using a multi-facetted approach. The aim is to increase access and collective capacity of smokers from Chinese speaking backgrounds in NSW and those that support them to smoking cessation services and address gaps in resources. March 17-Feb 19 $150,000
Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW (ECC) Don't let your health and money go up in smoke

The focus of this project is to develop and deliver a series of bilingual activities and resources which will target members of 5 culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in Sydney. The project aims to significantly reduce the usage of tobacco and smoking in these high risk groups and promote the use of early intervention support services available through the NSW government and health system.

The priority is to use several communication strategies to reach those members of CALD communities that have been identified through different research programs. These are Arabic (predominantly Lebanese), Mandarin/Cantonese and Vietnamese speaking communities. The Korean community will also be targeted based on anecdotal information supported by the inclusion of this community on the multicultural Quitline.

Feb 17 - Jan 18 $50,000
Advance Diversity Services (ADS) Arabic and Chinese Butt Out Project

This project will target Arabic and Chinese speaking communities in the St George region to identify the groups within these communities where smoking is still prevalent and develop strategies, utilise community health and community sector networks and promote the use of existing promotional material and support options such as the Arabic and Chinese Quitlines to reduce tobacco use among these populations.

The project will apply a range of methods to reduce smoking in the targeted communities, including the use of peer educators, distribution of promotional material at cultural community events and activities, information sessions organised or linked to existing social group programs, promotion through Arabic and Chinese media and developing links with Arabic and Chinese speaking GPs and pharmacists. 

March 17-Feb 19 $150,000