Direct Access Colonoscopy

The Cancer Institute NSW will lead the implementation of the Leading Better Value Care (LBVC) Tranche 2 initiative, direct access colonoscopy (DAC).

What is the direct access colonoscopy initiative?

This project will primarily focus on increasing access to colonoscopy services after a positive faecal occult blood test (FOBT) through the

  • implementation of direct access colonoscopy services for patients with a positive FOBT; and
  • triaging and prioritisation of colonoscopy wait lists.

How will this initiative work?

The Institute will support local health districts and specialty health networks to implement direct access colonoscopy through an Implementation Working Group comprised of clinicians and other key stakeholders. The Implementation Working Group will facilitate the localisation of direct access services for public patients across NSW.

How we help

The Institute will support the Implementation Working group, local health districts and specialty health networks to implement DAC through:

  • Developing a DAC Model of Care which will define the minimum requirements for a localised direct access service.
  • Providing capability development activities to support local project leaders to design sustainable change across their service.
  • Developing project specific resources for local project leaders to guide the implementation of DAC.

Direct access colonoscopy model of care

The DAC model of care provides guidance for the localised implementation of direct access services across NSW.

The model of care outlines the mandatory and recommended inclusions for implementation and should be read in conjunction with the following: