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The Pink Sari Project external is working to increase the number of women in Indian and Sri Lankan communities in NSW being screened for breast cancer.

Win is a new supportive push style anti-tobacco campaign targeting smokers aged 18 to 54 years in NSW. The campaign will run from 22 October to 2 December 2017.

The Never Give Up Giving Up campaign aims to increase hopefulness and self-efficacy in smokers by informing them that it is normal to make several quit attempts before ultimately succeeding.

Campaigns developed by Cancer Institute NSW have been used by governments and other organisations around Australia and internationally. They are subject to copyright and require a licensing process.

The NSW Pap Test Register holds information about cervical test results and sends reminder letters to women overdue for their tests.

To assist GPs to identify and remind patients who are overdue for their 2-yearly Pap test, the NSW Pap Test Register provides an electronic reminder messaging service to eligible GP practices across the state.

The 16 Cancers campaign is an emotionally intense and graphic style campaign that encourages smokers to quit by highlighting that smoking has been linked to up to 16 different types of cancer.

Two community champions were engaged to promote the benefits of cervical screening by sharing their personal stories.

A community engagement strategy targeting Arabic and Chinese to promote the importance of cervical screening.

Press and radio ads were developed to promote cervical screening to women from Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese speaking communities.