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The capture of anticancer medicine use by the PBS was generally high but varied depending on cancer site. PBS data can be supplemented by MBS and inpatient data, to examine ‘fact of treatment’ with a very high capture.

What is brain cancer? Find the latest brain cancer data including incidence, mortality and survival in NSW.

In Australia, there has been no increase in any brain tumour histological type or glioma location that can be attributed to mobile phones.

Increases in brain cancer incidence are unlikely to be related to mobile phone use, but rather likely related to the advent of improved diagnostic procedures.

Memory includes the ability to store, retain and recall past experiences and information.

Inappropriate social behaviour is acting or talking in an awkward, embarrassing or socially unacceptable way. Generally this behaviour was not present before the brain tumour or if it was, it has worsened.

Sometimes we notice when we feel a bit sad, lack a bit of motivation, have a case of the ‘couldn’t be bothered’ then we need to actually structure pleasant activities.

For people living with a brain tumour, outbursts of anger or a general level of irritability can result from injury to parts of the brain that control our impulses.

Brain cancer resources: Your anger is a normal human feeling. Everyone feels anger and it can serve some useful functions.

For people living with a brain tumour apathy is a lack of interest or concern, most often in relation to matters of general importance or appeal.