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One session of shisha or water-pipe smoking lasting an hour can be as harmful as smoking 100-200 cigarettes.

More than 46,000 people will be told they have cancer across NSW this year, but we can all take steps to reduce our risk and improve our outcomes.

The smoking rate among expectant mothers has decreased steadily over the last 20 years, but just under nine per cent of pregnant women in NSW are still smoking<a href="#Ref1"><sup>1</sup></a>.

Could online tools such as Skype and FaceTime be the answer to better supporting people in regional and remote NSW to quit smoking?

Australia’s important role in tobacco control is underlined in a new World Health Organisation (WHO) report, as smoking rates continue to fall worldwide.

Close to $1 million has been announced to support Aboriginal and multicultural communities across NSW to go smoke free.

Smoking rates in Aboriginal communities in Australia are more than double the rest of the population, but the Aboriginal Quitline is aiming to close the gap.

It is always a great time to start some new, healthy habits, and the benefits can go beyond just looking and feeling good. Here are a few.

Over half of all smokers in NSW said they intended to quit smoking at New Year’s Eve – here are five tips to help make it happen in 2017.

Young people in NSW and Queensland are less likely to smoke as a result of cigarette plain packaging, an Australian-first research paper reveals.