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Women’s Health Week is an opportunity for everyone to learn more about cancer screening services available in NSW.

The impact of bowel, breast and cervical screening in Australia is highlighted by a new research article published today from the Sax Institute.

A new website is helping people with intellectual disability get the right support and information to find and prevent cancer.

One session of shisha or water-pipe smoking lasting an hour can be as harmful as smoking 100-200 cigarettes.

More than 46,000 people will be told they have cancer across NSW this year, but we can all take steps to reduce our risk and improve our outcomes.

Almost 10,000 people in NSW will die from bowel cancer over the next five years, but experts say the numbers do not need to be this high.

Over a third of adults in NSW think bowel cancer is ‘dirty and embarrassing’, potentially reducing their chances of finding the disease at an early and treatable stage.