Sun and UV at School

Welcome to Sun and UV at School. New interactive skin cancer prevention resources for NSW schools.

Sun and UV at School

Brought to you by the Cancer Institute NSW, Sun and UV at School is a suite of new evidence-based teaching resources that will bring the issue of skin cancer prevention to life for primary and secondary school students across NSW.


Why Sun and UV at School matters?

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, and statistics show that melanoma is the most common cancer affecting young Australians aged 15–to24¹.

The good news is that skin cancer is highly preventable. The new Sun and UV at School skin cancer resources will assist primary and secondary school students to make healthy, safe, and proactive choices regarding sun protection to reduce their risk of skin cancer into the future.


Engaging and easy-to-use teaching resources

These new evidence-based resources have been strategically developed in consultation with the NSW Department of Education and other education and health sector representatives. They offer teachers a set of flexible classroom materials that align with the outcomes, objectives, skills and content of both the NSW PDHPE and Science syllabuses for years K–10.

These resources are also linked to the Australian Curriculum, where relevant, and can be used by teachers in other states and territories. They are also linked to the SunSmart program.

The resources are a value-packed collection of ready-to-use materials, designed to allow maximum flexibility to fit different teaching styles, student needs and learning environments. They include complete units of work, individual lessons, animations, infographics, links to data repositories and grab-and-go activities, and more.


Celebrate with us!

We celebrated the launch of these new curriculum-aligned resources with a School Challenge and received 350 entries!

The challenge gave students the opportunity to solve real-world problems to help safeguard their health and wellbeing into the future. Primary school students designed a functional, fun and innovative space to protect themselves and their community by providing essential shade.

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