Equity of outcomes

A mother and daughter embracing one another a smiling


Improve cancer outcomes in communities that continue to  have poorer outcomes to help everyone achieve their best health. Focus on achieving equitable cancer outcomes for Aboriginal communities.

  • Take an equity-first lens to decision making, investment and monitoring. This means prioritising and enabling community driven services for Aboriginal communities and other focus populations that have poorer cancer outcomes.
  • Recognise the individual, social, cultural and environmental factors that are important to prevent cancers and create supportive environments for healthier decisions and behaviours.
  • Empower and partner with Aboriginal communities and other focus populations through community-led organisations, such as Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations, multicultural organisations and other community-led groups, to create supportive environments, and invest in initiatives and services that are culturally safe and responsive to meet community needs and preferences for service delivery.
  • Ensure the workforce reflects the diversity and needs of the NSW population, and has the skills to deliver care that is culturally safe and responsive, particularly for Aboriginal people.
  • Build a strong voice for Aboriginal communities and other focus populations at the system level through co-design, leadership roles and governance structures.
  • Deliver effective, efficient and affordable treatments that improve cancer outcomes for all.